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sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011

The transport as an organic vision

 (Published in the G 23 and G23 President)
One of the best programs, among those who attended, was an interview with the architect Renato Leo Rego,  in the Tv program  for the Education of Paraná.The architect talks about the British colonization in Parana and suggests having studied documents in English sources, which made his statement, very informative about the companies 'English' settlement in northern Paraná.Forgotten, however, or may not know the relationship between the Israeli capital English, headed by Rothschild, who bought the debt of Brazil. Lord of the English colonization of Northern Parana, had relations with Percival Farquhar, this in turn was financed by the Rothschilds, financed and, believe me, Assis Chateaubriand. As we see Brazil, was saved twice the direct control of the capital at the two great wars. The Group, which sought the field of mining and railroads and ports in Brazil, was thwarted by World War I, and a second time by the second war. Anyone who wants to study this subject, will find abundant material in the buried stories of miners, stories of the railroads in Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, and energy companies, with one more link: Mauricio Von Hirsh, founder of Bung Borg and also financed by Rothschild, with the intention of founding the State of Israel in Entre Rios, Argentina. Study these facts. Who financed the killing of the Contested by Lumber, and sought to appropriate, not the grains (which was and is the facade), but the oil, gas, iron and diamonds, and of course gold. The railroads, routes, needed wood and water, they needed iron, and were intended, in the world, the subsoil. They, in short, were born in the coal mines and that was his job and vocation. In Paraguay as intended may prove Eduardo Galeano, oil Bolivian and Paraguayan wetland.But that, it serves as an introduction only and does not serve the charge, but is a complement to the story told by Renato, who in the shadow behind the Lion surnames (family that has a gold mine in Campo Largo, and Rego, that links owners of CR Almeida (R Rego). Kinship remote.
But I bring the subject is another. The new look at the lines of communication in building an internal market, compared to blood vessels and airways of the human body. Now the roads, rivers, roads, railways, airlines, ports and shipping lines, need, organically, to communicate life, and purge toxins. Thus, for a country to have life, she needs to capillarity, and double hand back and forth, communicating to the wealth and people, the national space.
The center of the tree of transport routes was linked to ports, because they were part of the capillary drainage of foreign nationality. Today, we Brazilians need, bring the trunk roads, to the heart of Brazil. And where is he? He is somewhere between the lungs, the hearts of 60% of Brazilian territory called the Brazilian Legal Amazon.I will not give the argument chewed, not to commit myself, but you, with the quotes that I do here will have all conditions to complete this puzzle.China, Brazil Way says the magazine, is investing internally, 290 billion dollars to deliver a rail network of 90,000 hair KLM said ninety thousand kilometers into the country, including lines of high-speed trains. Our case is still tied solely to the carriage of Life (oxygenation) of the Brazilian domestic economy.Of course, this intention will be immediately challenged by international bodies that use of ecology as a neutral and supranational control of wealth, a fact thought, since the year 1850, yes, said one thousand eight hundred and fifty. The ecology is the "basic law" for the development of legislation for economic control of the nations, and construction and feasibility of a World Government.I can not develop here all the arguments of the great cataclysms through which passed the planet, some occurring before the appearance of man, therefore before any possible accusation that have tipped the human nature. Much less have room to develop the moral relation of man to cosmic events, including its appearance. I will not speak of God, because you would not understand advocates of neo-paganism and become offended.Urge, my Brazilian brothers, develop transportation technologies, based on our iron, steel, cement, electricity, solar and nuclear, and create capillary transport, to, believe, make the country live. This is only possible with hard work and sacrifice. We are not the creators of the chaotic picture created in the world market around the globe, and we are not the salvation for them. We are, but under the same economic consequences, but our chances are much better solution than those of developed countries.
We do not want their development, we want another type of development, but we can do nothing if not rescue the idea of ​​nation, of common interest and improvement of the Brazilian people. This is not xenophobia, but it is, managing to penalize any attempt to submit. We'd be in Africa, there were the two wars. And in Africa, when life and practice of predatory exploitation becomes unsustainable, and poverty becomes the act, requiring the help of the people before the world public opinion, they finance the releases, the new autonomous republics, that they take the bailout impossible, to his own people. This reality expressed here, badly argued, however, there will be much better researched for you, that much better than I, come to the conclusion: the requirement of the order of Nationalities is a strategy for implementation of the World Imperialist government. In the first stage pertains to companies that employ us, in a second stage, we will be slaves without property, without feelings of belonging and national solidarity that make us fight and fight back, no sense of nation, people, family, will be the last imperial goods. The cattle of the people dominator. But if God exists ... Bum!

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